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Stephen Perse Guild Reunion 2024

Stephen Perse Guild Lunch 2023We are delighted to invite Stephen Perse Guild members to our annual reunion, which will take place this year on Saturday 15 June 2024. The reunion is open to all Guild members, but we particularly look forward to welcoming those whose decade anniversaries fall in 2024 and any members in Alumni Group Number 40 or earlier. It should be a wonderful gathering and we already know of alumnae planning to attend from Australia, New Zealand and Germany, as well as from across the UK.

The reunion will be at the Senior School, beginning with lunch, followed by student and staff-led or self-guided tours, finishing with reunion cake and strawberries at the end of the afternoon. You may opt to book everything and arrive at 12.30pm, or select tours and tea from 2pm. Some of our current staff and students will be on hand to bring everyone up to date on school life today and there will be ample opportunity to catch-up and reconnect with old friends. You are welcome to bring a guest by booking a ‘non-alumni’ ticket for them and children's options are available for those attending with a Guild member. The event will close at 4.30pm.

Priority booking is open until Saturday 30th March 2024 for those whose decade anniversaries of completing Sixth Form (whether at our school or elsewhere) fall this year and general booking for all members opens from Sunday 31st March 2024. The initial priority booking groups are those who completed Sixth Form in 2014 (Alumni Group, or AG, 92), 2004 (AG82), 1994 (AG72), 1984 (AG62), 1974 (AG52), 1964 (AG42), 1954 (AG32) and 1944 (AG22). In addition, alumnae in alumnae group 40 or earlier may book at any time.

Book Here.  Should you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact Director of Development and Communications, Helen Cornish.