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Who we are

The Stephen Perse Foundation is a family of schools in Cambridge, Madingley and Saffron Walden educating boys and girls aged 1 to 18.

By recognising our pupils as individuals - with unique hopes, talents and ambitions - we unlock their true potential.

We enjoy learning for its own sake. Our teachers ignite curiosity, encourage critical thinking and creativity. By learning to think for themselves our pupils go on to achieve exceptional results. But for us, education is not just about grades. It is about strength of character, a sense of social responsibility, learning to innovate, communicate and collaborate. 

Education needs to prepare youngsters for life beyond tests, exams and certificates. Our pupils gain an exceptional skill-set, one that prepares them for life in tomorrow's world. They leave us ready to make their mark and achieve their dreams.

Headline News

  • Modern Languages Meet Physics in Space! International Space Challenge

    We were very lucky to have the opportunity to send three teams to take part in an International Space Challenge hosted by RAF Henlow and run...

  • French Department Trip to Nice

    In February seventeen students went on a trip to Nice in the south of France with Mme Parente and Mr Wigington.

  • Teen Tech Awards - Stephen Perse Team Makes it to the Finals

    The TeenTech Awards are for UK students from 11-16 (Years 7 to 11) and 16-19 (Years 12 to 13) working in teams of up to three to look at pro...

  • Library Update

    It has been a busy few months for the Senior School Library with lots of interesting events that have continued to captivate the imaginative...

  • Careers and Guidance Day Event

    Allison Curry, Head of Guidance, tells us all about the Careers and Guidance Day event.

  • German Exchange to Munich

    Frau Freeman and Mr Oliver tell us all about the German exchange to Munich.

  • Classics Society Update

    Dalia P, Co-Chair of the Classics Society, provides an update on their activities.

  • Year 8 Drama Production - An adaption of David Campton’s Us & Them

    For our final theatre production of the year, director Deborah Foote and her Year 8 cast gave us something completely different and visually...

  • Taylor Swift Reading List

    Our school librarians at Stephen Perse Cambridge have swiftly prepared a specially-curated summer reading list of 15 novels for all budding...

  • Outdoor Education and DofE Update​​​​​​​

    Russell McAlinden, Head of Outdoor Educations, provides an update on outdoor education and DofE at Stephen Perse Cambridge.

  • Dame Bradbury’s aspiring Year 6 artists see work exhibited in the National Gallery

    Artwork created by our Dame Bradbury’s pupils is to be displayed at the National Gallery this summer, as part of the gallery’s T...

  • Jazz on a Summer’s Evening

    Matthew Rudd, Director of Music, tells us about the jazz on a summer's evening event.


Our approach to learning

As you may expect, we offer great facilities and one-to-one attention from brilliant teachers. What makes us different is the way we encourage young people to think: independently, analytically, logically, creatively and imaginatively – in an unusually friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Today's young learners will go on to shape tomorrow's world. We believe that is our responsibility as educators and parents to equip them with the tools they need to make their mark, whatever future they choose.

Through our forward-thinking vision for education and our broad, creative curriculum we foster a global outlook and a sense of social responsibility, valuing individuality and independent thought. We empower our pupils to succeed in tomorrow's world and the workplace of the future.

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    Outer circle

    We prepare young people to blaze a trail in whatever field they choose. They leave us equipped with a breadth of skills, ready to become responsible global citizens.

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    Learning Segment

    We group our subjects together into six curriculum areas. We teach subjects in an integrated way, because the future belongs to those who can think way beyond narrow subject boundaries.

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    Learning to think

    Education is not just about imparting knowledge. It’s about teaching young people how to think for themselves: critically, creatively and collaboratively.

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    Developing Character

    Fostering a secure bedrock of self-esteem and a sure moral compass is essential preparation for a future in a complex world.

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    Our Learners

    Our schools are small enough to ensure that each learner is known. By placing our learners at the centre of our approach, we create an education that allows individuality to flourish.

Want to find out more? Come and see us in action!