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The only certain thing about the future is that it will be different from today. To make the most of whatever comes along, our pupils need to be creative, risk-taking, independent thinkers, happy to respond positively in the face of change.

Developing habits such as courage, co-operation, perseverance and resilience should be part and parcel of any child's education but these qualities need to be carefully nurtured.

That's why all our pupils get to know and understand the learning habits – key attributes encompassing everything from curiosity to creativity, empathy to self-discipline.

We see these as fundamental building blocks of learning. They are displayed in our classrooms, incorporated into our lesson plans and are the focus of regular assemblies, so everyone has the opportunity to explore what they mean, try them out and practise them until they become second nature.

We focus on one learning habit each half term.

"I used to stick to the things I was good at but now I have the courage and self-belief to take risks and do challenging things."