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At the Stephen Perse Sixth Form you’ll be taught in small classes by passionate,
creative teachers who’ll encourage you to take your own journey of intellectual

We have created what we believe to be a wholly unique sixth form experience. Our knowledge and skills based creative curriculum encourages students to think differently. Our tutorial system and small class sizes of 4 to 14 students mean that each student is challenged and supported in the way that works best for them. And our emphasis on the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of our students creates a motivating and secure learning environment.

Our approach

This all means that our students are empowered to perform to the very best of their ability,
achieving exceptional results year on year.

Excellent teaching and technology

We believe that the days of sitting behind a desk, facing the front in silence no longer describe
what learning looks like. That’s why we’ve created a dynamic, interactive learning environment
for our sixth form students.

“The best thing is the amazing support network of teachers – not only are the class sizes perfect for interesting and topical debates, the lessons are dynamic.”

Khadijah, student

You’ll learn in small classes of 4 to 14 students, led by creative teachers who bring their
subjects to life every day. You’ll benefit from our pioneering approach to digital tools in
education, making use of student iPads and connected classroom environments that unlock
new ways of working.

“I feel that the teachers are properly guiding me through the subjects, they teach with passion for their subject in turn making me more passionate.”

Guy, student

Independent thinking 

With us, academic development is less about being taught and more about intellectual discovery. We won't simply walk you through a course syllabus – we want you to share ideas, explore around and across subjects, take unexpected directions and break new ground.

“The teachers are extremely knowledgeable and will succeed in answering even the most obscure questions. Furthermore, the teachers still encourage an independent style of learning, which is vital preparation for university. Crucially, in the classroom, you feel that no question is a “stupid” or “irrelevant” question; this is essential in provoking debate and encouraging students to think critically and analytically.”

Niamh, student

This approach is a great foundation for study beyond sixth form and is greatly valued by universities and businesses alike. It also gets results. We want you to develop at your own pace, so if you are finding the going a bit tough or want to push your boundaries a little more, you'll always find the support you need.

Tutorial System

Our tutorial system is key in keeping track of students’ academic progress. Every student builds a close working relationship with his or her tutor through individual discussions, informal gatherings and regular tutorials - the mutual respect between student and tutor is a hallmark of our community.

Global Outlook

Today’s students will shape tomorrow’s world, and Cambridge attracts people to live, study and work from all over the world - it’s an exciting and internationally-minded city, and we reflect that global outlook within the Stephen Perse Sixth Form.

We currently have students from over 10 nationalities studying with us, resulting in a welcoming and inclusive community that embraces and celebrates different cultures and backgrounds.

Our students are encouraged to think about international issues and consider many different perspectives, both in their studies and through enrichment activities such as CamMUN, an annual Model United Nations conference run entirely by Stephen Perse Sixth Form students.

We also organise a variety of overseas trips, exchange programmes and study visits that help immerse our students in different cultures and broaden their outlook.

Enriched learning

Learning happens outside of the classroom too. You'll be able to stimulate your curiosity and stretch your mind through our Enrichment programme, taken by all students. Choose what interests you and complements your academic study from a broad range of options, from debating to adventure learning to creative arts. 

A Levels


Results and Destinations