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Fundraising for the Maddi Foundation

Published on 13/06/18

Sara Gustafsson discusses the importance of the Maddi Foundation and community spirit within Dame B's

Dame B's pupils pride themselves on being curious about the world around them and unfailingly considerate. This is shown in the many ways they engage with learning in lessons and extracurricular events and the build up to Maddi Day was no different. Fundraising for Maddi Day started with an assembly about genetics and DNA in which Year 2 were able to volunteer near perfect definitions of the key genetic vocabulary. 

There was fun and laughter (the unicorn chant was much appreciated as I huffed and puffed on the miniature football pitch) but there was an underlying appreciation of the scientific quest for a solution to a young girl's disease.The day itself was a typical Dame Bs day but with a special twist as pupils and staff endeavoured to support the Maddi Foundation in any way they could. 

“Hunt the gene” brought about interesting discussion about the role of perseverance and luck. “Crack the code” highlighted resilience and collaboration (with a few hints along the way). Maddi’s passion for football was shown in the design a football shirt competition and of course being comfy is essential to a teenager!

The community of parents and staff gave incredibly generously and raised £350. I received a few comments about my pond dip throughout the rest of the week. Thank you Twitter!

Compassionate, curious and caring. Thank you Dame Bs.

Maddi day

Maddi Day

Maddi Day


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