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Year 3 travelled back in time to live life as Iron Age warriors

Published on 19/06/19

Year 3 travelled back in time when they visited Celtic Harmony Camp to live life as Iron Age warriors.

In an action-packed day full of hands-on experiences, they learned how the Celtic Britons worked in harmony with nature to make clothes, food and houses. With their way of life threatened by the Roman invasion, our brave Celts trained as warriors; learned the art of archery; traded and bartered; crafted their own warrior headbands, and war painted their clan.

Both modern and ancient techniques of sustainable living are on show at Celtic Harmony. Facilities, such as the solar-powered green toilets and the recycling area which use the latest alternative technology whilst the thatched roundhouses are built from traditional wattle & daub. A great opportunity for our pupils to not only learn about the past, but to realise that we can learn from history’s sustainable living as we move towards the future.


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