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Malim Charity Day 2018

Published on 09/11/18

Thurday was an exciting day of charity fundraising at Dame Bradbury's, raising money for the Addenbrookes Charitable Trust.

A fun filled break time and lunch time was had by Dame Bradbury’s pupils on Thursday 8 November, their 'Malim Charity Day'.

The children enjoyed ‘Pin the Plaster on the Patient’, ‘Where is Teddy?’, 'Doctor Penalty Shoot Out' and 'The Heart Beat' challenge among other activities to raise valuable funds for the Addenbrookes Charitable Trust.

Malim charity day

They dressed in their pyjamas and designed super heroes. An impressive £488 was raised throughout the day and well done to all the house captains and their family leaders for running the event and the all the pupils for contributing. 

Blinfold malim charity day

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