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Internationalism at school assembly

Published on 06/07/18

A Skype school assembly with Truro High School and their Headmaster, pictured here, explored cultural diversity.

As a very diverse school with many pupils with international backgrounds; the theme for our whole-school assembly this week was Internationalism.

t was a joint school assembly with Truro High School for Girls, whose Headmaster Dr Moodie will be leaving to become a new head in a school in Malaysia. Mr Walker previously worked in a school in Cameroon, teaching and helping pupils there. The linked assembly was very interesting allowing pupils to acknowledge the cultural diversity in their schools by participating in a survey focusing on  international links that they had.

A vast majority of pupils from our school have lived in different countries and have parents who are not of British nationality. Additionally, four students from each school asked questions to the opposite headmaster about the variation in teaching styles across the globe from Malaysia to Cameroon to New Zealand and back home.

Overall, the Skype assembly provided the students of both schools a new perspective to be more globally aware.

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