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Dame B's Holocaust Memorial Day remembrance

Published on 29/01/18

Year 6 joined other local schools at the annual Holocaust Memorial Service at St Mary's Church.

The service was an act of remembrance and sorrow for the Holocaust between 1936 and 1945, and also the many 'Holocausts' that have happened since then in Syria, Libya, Sudan, Myanmar and Congo. This linked in with their learning in history, RE and PSHEE.

The children had had an opportunity in advance to find out about the guest speaker, Jos Strengholt, a Dutch journalist-turned-priest who has worked extensively with Nuba refugees from Sudan. Jos made it clear that although the service was to remember The Holocaust of World War 2, we are far from being free of holocausts even in the present day.

Some children had prepared questions in advance and, as always, it was good to see those curious minds at work as they wanted to understand this difficult concept and to find out what Jos’ motivation for this kind of work is.





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