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Global Outlook – Junior School partners GG International

Published on 26/09/17

Global outlook is an extremely important aspect of a Stephen Perse education and an initiative, such as our collaboration with GG (Goel Ganga) International School, makes it possible for young learners to appreciate the importance of being globally connected and of the ways in which this can be achieved.

Back in January we were introduced to the GG (Goel Ganga) International School in Pune, approximately 100 miles south-east of Mumbai in India, by the mother of a Year 5 pupil. GG International submitted a request for assistance with their application for the British Council’s International School Award. In working towards this award they were required to partner with a school from a different country for a collaborative activity.

Their chosen activity was titled: ‘Wonders of Yesteryears, a gift by our forefathers’. The objective of this activity was to study heritage monuments, understand their importance in history and of the need to conserve them.

Grade 4 pupils at GG International visited two monuments in Pune, collected factual information about these, which they then shared with our Year 5 pupils in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. They also generated a questionnaire which our pupils were asked to answer. To complete the questionnaire, the pupils had to find out the techniques used to conserve any monument in the UK.

As part of a thematic study of life in Tudor times, Year 5 visited Burghley House near Stamford in February and this proved ideal because the children were able to use information gathered during the trip to complete the questionnaire. They also sent photographs to the pupils in Pune.


This unique project was fascinating and really enjoyable as it broadened horizons and provided a fresh global perspective for the pupils involved, in both schools.

We were delighted to hear, in early August, from the Vice Principal of the Pre-Primary and Primary at GG International that their application had been successful. This news was very exciting for Mrs Parker, Junior School History coordinator, who worked on the project with her Year 5 pupils and we are really proud of those involved for contributing to this wonderful partnership with a school in India.

Greetings from GG International School! 

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that we have been accredited by the prestigious International School Awards (ISA), instituted by the British Council. And for this accomplishment, we wish to tender our heartfelt gratitude for the cooperation and support extended by your esteemed institution.

Thanks to our partnership with your school, our students and teachers were able to complete and submit the assigned projects on time. Moreover, the interaction with the students and teachers of your school augmented the learning process and we, as an educational institution, feel enriched by this association.

Thank you, once again, for your generous help. We hope that our interaction and association could lead to more such fruitful undertakings in future as well."

Vice Principal of the Pre-Primary and Primary, GG International School