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China Trip 2017 - Day 6

Published on 22/07/17

China Trip 2017 - Day 6

The day started early for us once again, but this time we were travelling to Shenyang for the rest of the trip; I was looking forward to seeing how different it would be compared to Beijing as well as being excited to ride on the bullet train for the first time. Four o'clock we were up! And we made our journey to the train station, but it didn't take long, we checked in our bags and waited for our train which arrived slightly late at 8:08am.

Once we all boarded the train, we had four hours to entertain  ourselves but we did this by chatting and having a good time with each other. Overall I thought the journey was not very long as it went quickly with my friends (we had to be quiet because everyone else was asleep!). We finally arrived in Shenyang, took a coach and went to the North East Yucai School, where we would attend lessons for the next few days.  We had a very lovely warm welcome speech from the principle and from students.  


Afterwards we ate lunch, this time a Western Style buffet that really hit home for some of us. We then went to meet our homeroom teachers (otherwise known as form tutors) who will be with us at school for the rest of the trip. She is called Rachel, she said we could call her Raerae for short, and she was super enthusiastic and friendly towards us which in turn lifted our spirit after the tiredness of waking up early kicked in.

Then we played a few games and watched an introduction of the North East Yucai School, which was nice. Our next trip was at the supermarket where they gave us some time to go shopping. I ended up buying some sweets for the journey as my money was all well spent at the Pearl Market. Lastly we returned to the school to have a surprisingly early dinner however, we were not at all hungry! Then it was back to the hotel to relax and get a good rest to mentally prepare ourselves for school life in China, plus we had to wake up early again tomorrow. 

Grace D.