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Success in MFL German debate

Published on 10/02/17

This week we sent our Germanists to "Les Joutes Oratoires" for the first ever German debates.

There were two teams from Y13 and 1 team from Y12. The Year 13 teams won, after debating the issue: Einwanderung - kann man die Tür zumachen? (Immigration - can we shut the door?).

Motions were heartily presented and vehemently defended.

This was an excellent opportunity for IB and A level Germanists alike to practise their debating skills in German. Well done Henriette, Siobhan, Beatrice and Poppy.

The Year 12 team comprising Isabel and Natalia (actually a Yr 11!) came second in their rounds. They discussed the pros and cons of Brexit, marriage and social media.

The experience for them was an enjoyable one and has helped them hone their speaking skills. Tolle Leistung!