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Wiggly Woo delights in Year 1 class assembly

Published on 26/11/18

A fantastic class assembly from Year 1 at the Stephen Perse City Pre-Prep.

This term Year 1 City had their class assembly, and then even helped write about it! Read on to find out all about it! 

First, Year 1 retold and acted out the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. They were fantastic actors and remembered all their lines and when to come in. Then, Year 1 proudly showed an iMovie of their clay minibeast sculptures.

Year 1 City class assembly

After that, Year 1 sang a lovely minibeast song about Wiggly Woo the worm with some great actions! They then asked all of Pre-prep and the parents to join in.  Finally, the parents and Pre-prep gave the children a well deserved round of applause. Car Class were delighted!

Year 1 class assembly

Year 1 watch the screen during their class assembly

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