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Year 3 pupils from DB's enjoyed exploring the Antarctic at the Scott Polar Museum

Published on 20/03/19

Year 3 pupils from Dame Bradbury's enjoyed a trip to the Scott Polar Museum.

What a morning!

Wednesday 20 March saw Year 3 pupils from Dame Bradbury's visit the small but perfectly formed Scott Polar Museum in Cambridge as part of their thematic learning topic ‘Pole to Pole.’

DB's at Scott Polar

DB at Scott Polar

They enjoyed a workshop learning about the modern use of clothing for insulation. They heard about the bravery of the Scott Polar mission and saw for themselves the letters and artefacts from explorations to both Poles, including the discovery of the North West passage and some perfectly preserved Inuit costumes made from reindeer and seal skin. A hands on morning and undoubtedly the best way to learn!

DB's at Scott Polar

DB's at Scott Polar

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