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Looking beyond their own lives and helping others is second nature to our pupils. We encourage a range of community service and charitable activities, both within and outside school.

Student-led activities

Each term, our student-led charities committee selects a charity and use their organisational and entrepreneurial skills to arrange fundraising events – from cake sales to car washing – in their form groups.

House awards and commendations

House tokens are awarded for courtesy, consideration, helpfulness to others and endeavour, while commendations for service are awarded at the end of each term to members of all year groups who have made an outstanding contribution to the life of the school or the community.

Global outlook

In our school, you’ll find a babble of different languages and the excitement of meeting people from a huge variety of backgrounds and countries. That’s the way we like it – and we don’t stop there.

Our connections with educators around the world bring unique opportunities and projects, such as the Comenius Project, in which our students collaborated with six other European schools.

Our trips offer plenty of scope to explore the world – from language exchanges, to sports tours and ski-trips, we encourage students to experience our diverse and fascinating world, learning respect and understanding of unfamiliar attitudes and beliefs.