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For the fourth consecutive year, we are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to run a Mock Trial in Cambridge Crown Court.

The Mock Trial is facilitated by the Cambridge and Peterborough Bar Mess and particularly Karim Khalil QC who is one of the country’s leading criminal barristers. We are also grateful to His Honour Judge Hawkesworth for allowing us to use his court.

The event is essential for any budding Lawyers and highly recommended for many other disciplines who may find themselves handling and using evidence. There were also be opportunities for court reporter (journalists) and artists as well as to sit on the jury or to be part of the machinery of the court in the form of ushers or security. A in the previous two years, we ran the event jointly with Netherhall Sixth Form.

Working with our professional advisers (who give their time without charge), the students put in good preparation, handling genuine legal documents (based on a real case) and using the full legal texts. The case was of assault with intent - a messy affair from Downham Market, Norfolk. The defendants were found guilty!