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Boarding Round-Up

Published on 12/06/24

The boarders have enjoyed a diverse programme of activities during the last term, here are just a few of things they have enjoyed.

Climbing Trip

For our climbing trip, the boarders made the short trip to Big Rock in Milton Keynes. They learned and practised their belaying skills and knot tying and enjoyed the higher walls that we don't get access to in Cambridge.

Pool Table

We now have a pool table for the use of boarders which has already proven to be a big hit. Both singles and doubles tournaments have already taken place and look set to be permanent fixtures in the boarding calendar.

Gardening Club

Seven boarders from the gardening club spent a Saturday in March in the village of Orwell. The first stop was to visit the church where students were fortunate enough to meet the vicar who talked them through the history of the village church and gave them a cake that had been baked for them. This was a really interesting and unique way for them to learn about English village life.

Students then met one of the village residents, Joan, who has lived there for over 20 years and was delighted to meet some international students who had taken an interest in Orwell. She spoke about how kind the village residents were and passed on some excellent life advice to them.

After leaving the church, the students visited the village allotment which they found really interesting, many of whom had not seen anything similar before. They got to meet some more local residents who helped to run the allotment, and were able to consolidate the knowledge that they had learned whilst attending what they know as ‘Spud Club’ at school. 

Finally, the students headed to their final destination, the village pub. What better way to experience English village life! Here the students were able to enjoy tea and scones, and discuss the day with each other and also with the pub’s Chinese owner who was fascinated to hear all our students' tales.