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Sixth Form Geography Field Trip to Crandale

Published on 08/06/23

Students Heart V, Adam R-B, Julia L, Beth H and Justin W share their experiences of the Geography Field Trip to Crandale.

The Year 12 Geographers departed for the Cranedale Centre in Yorkshire for three days in early March. We endeavoured to learn and practise our fieldwork skills. Thursday turned out to be incredibly cold and wet, with some of us even wearing three pairs of trousers as we braved piercing winds at the Holderness coast, which is eroding faster than anywhere else in Europe. Despite conditions we managed to collect some excellent beach profile data.

Our journey continued through heavy snow to Scarborough, where we investigated the diversity of restaurants and learned how to conduct qualitative data using local art works and word pictures. The trip culminated in the ‘mystery bucket’, where we planned out a mini-investigation of our own, before collecting the data and assessing the results. 

Despite the atrocious weather conditions, the trip was a resounding success as it provided us with the necessary skills needed to conduct our A Level coursework.

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