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Global Warming

Published on 02/03/22

Global warming, I know it is horrible but I am going to tell you some ideas to help prevent it. (by Ellie M)

My first idea is not to waste food, especially meat. My family tries to do this, but sometimes food is wasted. The next one is don't eat too much meat. My family eat a bit of meat but are not vegetarian. 

Now, the next thing we do is a bit strange, most people don't do this. We have bottles of soap which a company comes to fill up, so we don't need to throw away plastic bottles. 

We also have an electric car. In 2019 there were 80,578 electric and hybrid in the UK but by 2020 there were 181,090 more electric and hybrid in the UK, this is a 125% increase. To go to school and back we travel on an electric car and cargo bike.

Here is an idea just for you: don't buy new clothes, buy second-hand clothing or repair old clothing.