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Year 12 take part in a virtual work experience workshop

Published on 02/03/21

As part of our Sixth Form Guidance Programme, Year 12 students recently attended an annual work experience workshop, however, due to the country still being affected by the pandemic, the focus this year was on virtual rather than physical opportunities.

The workshop began by having the students explore the benefits of work experience, such as gaining more insight into possible career paths,  finding out more about what professional skills are needed in certain roles and to aid their university applications. A wide range of possibilities were explored from Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) and other online courses, university podcasts, lectures and seminars,  university taster days, company taster sessions and experience weeks, online job fairs and online work experience.

In addition to our own Stephen Perse resources, the students were introduced to a new Unifrog Special Opportunities tool which helps to identify key skills that students may want to consider developing for potential career paths. The workshop concluded by looking more into the range of virtual volunteering opportunities on offer that would help them build these essential skills.

Year 12 said they found the workshop engaging and helpful with one student commenting "it has made it so much easier now to start my own specific research".