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Sticks and Stones Y6 current topic​​​​​​​

Published on 21/01/20

By Maddy

Sticks and Stones, in short, is about conflict. We are learning about the different conflicts of the world, past and present, how they started and who's involved. We went on a trip to the WW2 American cemetery, and saw just how many people died, and that was just the Americans. So many others lost their lives, homes and families to the wars. In one lesson we discussed current wars, like the Syrian Crisis. We asked and answered questions and we now know how it started, why and who it's between. In English we are looking at war poetry, and we read Dulce Est Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen. We unpicked the meaning of all the phrases in groups. It's a fun topic to study, but we learned how much fighting and hurt there is in the world.

By Maddy 6alpha