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Year 4 visits to the Scott Polar Museum

Published on 26/03/18

Year 4 get into their polar exploration gear and learn about Captain Scott.

As part of their theme ‘As Cold as Ice’, the two Year 4 classes each spent an afternoon at The Scott Polar Museum. 4Alpha actually walked to the museum in the snow which made them feel like polar explorers! The pupils viewed artefacts from Captain Scott’s ill-fated Antarctic expedition to enhance their understanding of the polar regions.

Without doubt, the highlight for many was dressing up in the clothing of past and present polar explorers. Seeing exhibits, such as pony shoes, food wrappers, sleeping bags, model ships and Captain Scott’s letters, was a tangible link to the men and such sobering reminders really brought the story to life.

Before the expedition, the pupils had reflected upon which of our learning habits Scott had displayed on his expedition – perseverance, risk-taking and resilience seemed to be top of the list. Meanwhile, the class teachers have used Google Classroom to pose the question as to whether the pupils think Scott was a hero and they are looking forward to reading their responses.

Year 4 pupils have now moved on to study polar animals and consider what features they have that help them survive in their environment.


4A at Scott Polar Museum