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Japanese exchange - Day 3

Published on 14/02/18

Japanese exchange (Day 3) commentary by SPF staff and students.

We arrived at the Keio campus at 8.30am and were welcomed by the principal of the Keio school Dr Aida who kindly gave us a school gift. We received a set of chopsticks and Japanese plastic folders.

We had a detailed tour of the school by Ms Miyata. We were impressed by the facilities, the library and the activities offered in school such as the pottery classes.

When the tour was finished, it was time for us to attend lessons. Some of us attended Science, Home Economics, English, Maths, Music  and PE lessons.

It was interesting to see that some classes had up to 40 students attending the lesson. Then, it it was lunch time and our host family had prepared us a bento box. 

After lunch, we introduced ourselves in Japanese in the staff room. Then we attended more lessons. When the lessons were finished, we wore a yukatta and had the priviledge to be the special guests of the tea ceremony organised by the after school Japanese tea club.

They served us a very cute cake and green tea freshly brewed just for us. 

After that, we played a traditional Japanese game called “Karuta” with the Karuta club members.

Finally we went to different after school clubs offered at school. It was a pleasure to see the archery, baseball and karate club. It was Valentine’s day so we received lots of small cakes and chocolates from Keio students.

It was a fantastic and memorable day at school!