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Year 5 field trip to Epping Forest

Published on 17/11/17

Year 5 investigate rivers at the Epping Forest Field Study Centre.

On a chilly, bright November morning, Year 5 set off for Epping Forest for a field study trip investigating rivers. Prior to our visit we had spent some time learning about the features of rivers and how a river is formed from source to mouth.

Epping Forest Field Study Centre operates a policy of sustainability to support its work in the local environment. We were all pleased to be able to recycle our rubbish after our snacks and lunch! The buildings are nestled amongst the deciduous trees and complement the landscape.

Our leaders were very knowledgeable and led us through the complexities of the Water Cycle before relating this to the formation of rivers. The practical activities were explained before we set off for the first of two expeditions into the forest itself.

Yr 5 measuring at Epping Forest

An interesting piece of digging equipment allowed us to take soil samples in two separate areas to compare their colour, texture and feel. Sandy soils are paler and grainy which allows water to pass through easily. The darker clay soil is denser and can get waterlogged.

After lunch we walked to a river bed where we took lots of measurements of channel depth, width and pebble size. Getting right down into the river bed was particularly fun, although due to the lack of recent rain, it was quite dry. Going to another part of the river allowed us to make comparisons between ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ sections.

It was a wonderful day trip which has brought the topic alive, best summed up by the comment, ‘I loved walking in the mud!'.

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