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China Trip 2017 - Day 8

Published on 24/07/17

China Trip 2017 - Day 8

Today we got up at 6:00am to eat breakfast at 7:00am. Then we left to go to school and attended lessons. During the Chinese lesson, I learnt the number in Mandarin, how to say the time and also recaped yesterday's lesson, which was about self-introducion in Mandarin.

We all really enjoyed this class as we got to play games to reinforce our learning. We had a short break and went to the next class, which was paper cutting. We learnt how to cut a butterfly using six techniques that the masters of paper cutting use. I learnt a lot and really enjoyed that class!


We then went for lunch, which included sweet and sour pork, which was my favourite dish.

We  returned to class after having spent time outside and walked over the gym to do kungfu as a martial art. This was really interesting for me, and I really enjoyed this class.

We returned to our homeroom for a class on Chinese knot, where we learnt the easiest knot of this art. It was actually quite tricky, but once I got the hang of it I got into the rhythm and finished very quiclkly, with a pretty bracelet.

 We went for a tour of the campus, where we saw the swimming pool, the greenhouses and the animals that the school kept. There were goats, dogs, geese, a raccoon and a peacock.

The tour then finished and we went back to the cafeteria where we had roast duck for dinner, which was delicious! We had free time, where I spoke with my friends from other schools as well as those in our school. We also played games such as basketball, football, table tennis and badminton. We got back on the coach to return to the hotel. In the evening we went to shopping district of Shenyang. There, we bought bubble tea and looked around the shops - I bought some face masks. The atmosphere was lively and it was also busy. We got back to the hotel, went straight to bed and I fell asleep almost instantly as we were all tired! It was such a great day !

Maisie H.