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Maths Inspiration for Year 11 and 12

Published on 10/12/18

Students in Year 11 and Year 12 at the Stephen Perse Foundation enjoyed a Maths Inspiration lecture in Cambridge.

Tuesday 4 December, 41 students from Years 11 and 12 attended a Maths Inspiration lecture held at West Road Concert Hall. They enjoyed talks from Paul Shepard, a very successful engineer who has worked on the O2, Bobby Seagull, who has appeared on University Challenge, and Ben Sparks, a mathematician and musician who featured on Britain's Got Talent.

Year 11 pupils at Maths Inspiration

Paul's talk focused on how maths is used in the design and structure of buildings, helping to create structures which combine strength and beauty, whilst also trying to minimise their carbon footprint. 

Bobby then presented a University Challenge-style segment with different rounds, all of which were designed to show how maths can help you to get ahead in your own life. 

Ben's presentation looked at circles, and how they can be a source of awe, beauty and mystery. Ben showed how maths can spark emotion, and how it continues to fascinate so many people.

The presenters onstage at Maths Inspiration

The students were also challenged to think for themselves, being presented with questions such as: 'This is a map of bullets that hit Spitfire planes that returned during World War Two. Based on this where would you put extra armour?'

A diagram of where bullets hit a plane in WW2

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