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Maths competition success at Dame Bradbury's

Published on 10/12/18

Pupils at Dame Bradbury's have been taking part in maths competitions, leading to national successes. 

This term, pupils at Dame Bradbury's have taken part in two national mathematical challenges intended to not only test their maths skills but also their critical thinking and puzzle solving. 

The Bebras Challenge is designed to give everybody who takes part the experience to challenge their ability; to think a little differently. At Dame Bradbury's, pupils from Year 3 up to Year 6 took part. The children took part in different categories depending on their age with the Year 6 pupils taking part at the Junior level. Those whose scores are within the top 10% at the Junior level then progress to the next round, the Oxford Computing Challenge. We are very pleased to be able to congratulate Dylan and Scarlet for securing their next round place, and wish them luck for the competition in March. We had lots of good scores throughout all year groups and are very proud of everyone for taking part. 

Dame Bradbury's pupils focus on their maths papers50 pupils in Years 5 and 6 at Dame Bradbury's also took part in the  Primary Mathematics Challenge. Bronze, silver and gold certificates were awarded to those students that performed very well in the challenge. Two pupils also performed exceptionally well and have qualified for the bonus round in February. This is a fantastic achievement as only those who perform in the top 5% nationally receive such an invitation. 

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