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Dame B's choirs spread Christmas cheer

Published on 17/12/18

Dame Bradbury's choirs delight local care home residents with Christmas carols. 

On Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 December, Dame Bradbury's Junior Choir and Senior Choir sang a wide selection of Christmas carols to residents at local care homes. Junior Choir hugely enjoyed their visit to Hatherley Care Home, entertaining the residents with their performances of Christmas songs and carols. Following this, Junior Choir were very happy to get to know the residents around them and spread their infectious Christmas cheer.

Senior Choir sang an equal abundance of Christmas melodies at Stanley Wilson Lodge and, despite the soaring indoor temperatures, managed to smile and sing their way through to the highest standards. It was exciting to have the residents join us in singing aloud the popular and much loved carols. The residents and pupils spent time towards the end exchanging stories of Christmas's past and present. Both choirs certainly shared the true messages of Christmas at this special time of year.

Dame Bradbury's choir at the care home

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