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Centre for Computing History sparks curiosity in Stephen Perse students

Published on 23/11/18

Stephen Perse Senior School pupils enjoyed a fascinating trip to The Centre for Computing History, learning about vintage computers and coding their own games. 

Thursday 22 November saw a group of students from Years 7-9 visit the The Centre for Computing History in Cambridge. The trip began with a guided tour of the museum, learning about the very first computers invented and how they worked.

Tour guide explaining the history of computing

Next up was a workshop where the students spent time coding their own text-based adventure game using a system called Twine. This allowed them to express their creativity whilst also learning more about code at the same time.

Learning how to code an adventure game

After the workshop, the students got a chance to meet Jennifer. Jennifer is the museum's robot, and the students were shown how she works and everything she can do. After Jennifer, they also got the chance to play on some of the vintage games consoles that the museum has. It was fascinating to see how much games consoles have changed over the years!

Meeting Jennifer, the museum robot

It was a fascinating trip for all the students and we're very grateful to The Centre for Computing History for hosting us.

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