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Building a Supportive Community: Senior School Embraces Children's Mental Health Week

Published on 03/06/24

Students across the Senior School celebrated Children’s Mental Health Week, a nationwide initiative aimed at empowering, equipping, and amplifying the voices of every child in the UK.

Our school community embraced this year’s theme: ‘My Voice Matters’. Throughout the week, a series of events and activities were organised to foster conversations around mental health and well-being. Assemblies focused on essential topics such as coping strategies, stress management, and the importance of open dialogue. Additionally, students participated in the National Send a Card to a Friend initiative, spreading kindness and fostering connections.

In PSHE sessions, mental health topics were explored in depth, providing students with valuable knowledge and resources. Form activities centred around destigmatising conversations about mental health and honing active listening skills, essential tools for building supportive communities.

Group activities offered students diverse opportunities for self-expression and relaxation. From planting seeds to building with Lego, from learning to knit to engaging in paper crafting and lineball, students explored various avenues for creativity and mindfulness.

In collaboration with our school counsellors, students and staff engaged in creating a community artwork piece focused on the theme of self-care. This mural, adorned with drawings depicting activities that bring enjoyment and support well-being, was exhibited to inspire students with ideas for self-care and emphasise its significance for everyone. Moreover, initiatives such as a mental health questionnaire and a worry box provided avenues for students to voice their feelings, share experiences, and offer suggestions for enhancing mental health support within our school community. The overwhelming response, with over 200 contributions, underscores the significance of prioritising mental health and well-being.

To culminate the week's activities, students participated in a non-uniform day, with proceeds donated to a local mental health charity, Centre 33. This gesture not only raised awareness but also contributed tangibly to supporting mental health initiatives in our community.

As we reflected on the events of Children’s Mental Health Week, we recognised the importance of fostering an inclusive and supportive environment where every voice is heard and valued. By coming together as a community, we reaffirmed our commitment to promoting mental health and well-being for all.