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Checking in on our alumni across Cambridge during COVID-19

Published on 27/03/20

The Stephen Perse Foundation have been calling some of our more mature former students who still live in the Cambridge area to see if we can provide any help at this time of extraordinary change resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

  As we all know, COVID-19 seems to have a greater impact on older citizens, especially those age 70 and above.  Caroline Wilson (nee Wyatt) was a student at Perse Girls between 1953-64 and now age 74 welcomed the call from her old school.  Caroline reported that she and her husband are in good health.  She was able to make an interesting connection with the last time a pandemic shocked the world.  Caroline recounted hearing her mother’s experiences as a student at Perse Girls during the Spanish Flu, a strain of influenza that had devastating consequences on populations around the world between 1918 and 1919, that time particularly affecting younger people.  Caroline’s mother was Hermine Hattersley who was born in 1912 and happily lived well into her 90s, only passing away in 2004. 

Caroline Wilson (nee Wyatt), student at Perse Girls between 1953-64

 The next stage of our supportive plan is to call as many of our alumni who fall into the over 70 category over the coming weeks, extending our reach beyond the Cambridge area. The aim is to ask if we can be of any help or simply to provide a chance to talk. We want to share the wisdom of our senior alumni and hear their stories about coping in difficult circumstances and how they are remaining cheerful.  We will be adding these to our news section in the coming weeks. The Foundation will continue to do all it can during this difficult time to keep everyone connected and spirits high.

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