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Remembrance: Remembered

Published on 11/11/19

By Genevieve

Remembrance for remembering, for the soldiers who fought and died, 

The ones that fought the battle,

The ones who sat and cried, 

The ones who sat in the hospital waiting for their chance, 

Waiting just to hold their wives or maybe have a dance, 

The ones that we looked up to,

The ones that looked down on you, 

Remembering the ones we loved,

Remembering the ones unknown,

Remembering the ones who fought and died,

Remembering those ones that cried,


Remembering great uncles,

Remembering great aunts,

Remembering the ones we loved,

And those who perished in France 

Remembering the ones unknown,

And those in Belgium for whom it all began

But the one thing that matters above all?

We must remember them if we can!