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Celtic Harmony Trip

Published on 05/07/18

Year 3 trip to Celtic Harmony 

On Tuesday 26th June, Year 3 had great fun on their trip to Celtic Harmony. Have you ever seen Celtic Warriors that look like this… 


We travelled back in time to the Iron Age to experience a range of activities that were not only a lot of fun, but were also great at reinforcing our thematic learning for this term. We used reeds to weave Celtic headbands and then used face paint to paint Celtic symbols and decorate ourselves ready for battle with the Romans. Once we looked truly Celtic, we had to learn to battle, so we were taught how to use a bow and arrow in an exciting archery session and learnt how to make formations with Iron Age shields in preparation for battle. We also had the opportunity to see what life was like for the Celts when not in battle. We went on a woodland quest, collecting clues all about Iron Age life and took part in a trading activity where we were able to use real Iron Age coins to trade for some wonderful souvenirs. It was a beautiful day in our Hertfordshire Iron Age Camp and we made the most of such an exciting and enriching learning opportunity. An excellent way to bring all of our learning together at the end of the topic!