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British Antarctic Survey team visit Dame B's

Published on 07/06/18

The British Antarctic Survey given an insight into their work during Assembly 

Dame B’s were given a fascinating insight into the work and conditions of the British Antarctic Survey team. Hana, Deputy Ship Operations manager who has spent time at Bird Island and Rothera research stations, and Abi who has spent time at Rothera and King Edward Point, showed us what clothing is necessary to keep safe and warm. Mr Hannaway modelled some items for us!

We learnt that the teams need e.g plumbers, pilots, doctors, geologists, mechanics, chefs, glaciologists and many more for their research station to function well. Did you know that the biggest land animal in the Antarctic is...a type of flea? All of the children held a piece of glacial ice taken from far down in the ice platform, ice that was crystal clear... We heard that temperatures can plummet to -60C! A very informative and visual assembly with lots of questions answered.

Antarctic survey team