There’s the junior doctor who’s also a singer/songwriter, the biochemist-turned-patissière, the grocer-cum-wine merchant who’s also an author and the first serving female military pilot in the British Forces.

And that’s just for starters. Journalists and scientists, mothers and singletons, teachers and vets, lawyers and artists, actors and activists, bankers and musicians are among our alumni, male and female. The Stephen Perse Foundation Development and Alumni Office stays in touch with over 3,000 alumni across the world through the Stephen Perse Alumni Association.

What you have in common is a get-up-and-go that sees you embracing the opportunities and pushing through the barriers that life puts in your path – and having a great time while you’re at it. Many of you tell us that what you learned here and the friendships you formed have underpinned your lives.

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  • Mary Bateson, historian and suffragist
  • Dorothy Russell, pathologist and the first woman member of the Medical Research Society
  • Catherine Ogle, Dean of Birmingham
  • Margery Allingham, detective novelist

And you...